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"I'm still the girl who tried to kill her self in Mexico." - Marissa Cooper [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Marissa Cooper

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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2004|07:14 pm]
Marissa Cooper
Hey, Marissa Cooper here.
I saw Ryan at school today I just want everything to go back to the way it was before Oliver. I just feel so awful for not believieving Ryan. I mean, he tried to warn me, and i didn't listen. I was so dumb.
Ryan and I are going to that Valentine's party. That's always good. Maybe i can convince him to take me back.

I talked to dad. I didn't want to tell him about Ryan and me, but he kinda figured it out. His advice? "a big romantic jesture is more powerful than talking."
I wonder what's that suposed to mean. I'm sure i'll think of something.


I'm so stupid!!
Ok, so i thought i had it rfigured out.
I went to Ryan's house, and offered sex. He turned it down. HE TURNED DOWN SEX.
Maybe...maybe he really doesn't like me.
it was just so awkward.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2004|10:32 pm]
Marissa Cooper
The O.C as told by Marissa Cooper.
I can't believe that Ryan and I have broken up.
I talked to Summer about it. I think she's siding with Ryan.
I mean, i don't get Ryan. How could he think that Oliver was in love with me. I mean, we're just friends. Ryan's just so protective. He always wants to know what I'm doing and who i'm with. It kinda reminds me of ... my mom.
Anyway, Summer wants to hang out now that we're both "single." I told her that i had to help Oliver with his homework, and this weekend, i have to stay with my mom. UGH!!! _That is something that i am definitely not looking forward too.
I walked by Seth and Anna. They seemed kind of wierd that i wasn't with Ryan. God, what is this. So, i have to be with Ryan in order to talk to people.
I saw Oliver's lip today. It looks so bad. I hope it's ok.

Oliver wants me to go with Mammoth with him for the weekend. I told him that i can't because of my mom.
Luke came in when we were talking and at that time, Ryan called. Luke, as always, tried to start a fight with Oliver just because he was doing my talking for me. Ok, that sounded kind of protective, but i really feel sorry for him. Ryan had no right to hit him.
Anyway, i didn't pick up the phone for Ryan.

Next day ...

OH MY GOD. Ryan went to my mom about Oliver, and she called the school. She thinks that Oliver is dangerous. I don't think i'll ever speak to Ryan again. How could he do that? That was a really low blow
Ryaan actuall had the nerve to come to my house and warn me about Oliver once again. He said that there was o Nadily. Then, my mom came out, and i ran away.
I wwent to Oliver's hhotel.
Hang on...

Oh my god, i went down to the reception area to see if Luke had brought my bags. He said that he was, and the lady at the desk was named Nadily Bishop. She said that she Baby-sat for Oliver, but Oliver said that she was his Ex-girlfriend.
Maybe what Luke and Ryan are saying are right. Maybe Oliver doesn't have a girlfriend ... maybe he never did. When i asked him about it, he freeked out. He pulled out a gun. I don't think that i can describe how i felt. At first, i thought he was going to shoot me, but he said that he was doing this for him. I started crying and begging him not to hurt me or him self, but he didn't listen.
Then, i heard a knock at the door, and Oliver said that he was fine and that he'd gotten out of the shower. I tried to talk to him again, but he told me to hush.
Then, i heard Ryan banging on the door and yelling m name. Thank god, Ryan came.
"Ryan, he's got a gun!" I yelled.
Oliver started yelling at me, telling me why i just did that. I tried to appologize.
Then, he police came in as Oliver pointed the gun at his head.
Dispite everything that has happened betwene me and Ryan, i was so happy to see hm. He had to literally beg Oliver not to kill himself. Ryan said that he understood what it was like to have people abandon him.
Finally, Oliver put the gun down, and they took him to a hospital.
I started crying again and i appoligezed to Ryan. He saved my life. How could i have doubted him? How could i have even questioned him?
I felt so stupid.
After that dramatic event, i went home ... to my mom's.

The O.C told by me...
I really liked the show. It was really dramatic. I liked the end when everyone had to appoligize to Ryan. I'm kinda glad that Seth and Anna broke up. Anna's cool, but they're just too alike. It was getting kind of boring.
When i saw the previews, i thought Oliver was going to kill him self. In a way, i was glad he didn't, but it would have been kinda cool if he did. Though, i think that Marissa would need more than a theropist to get over that.
Well, it's late, and i felt like writing a lot, but I'm going to go to bed.
See ya.
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The Gamble [Aug. 19th, 2003|11:11 am]
Marissa Cooper
Luke's out of Jsail, but ever since that thing with Ryan and the fire, he's not speaking to me.
Summer's here. She's just trying on clothes. Dad's home alot...almost too much. I'm really worried.

Oh...hold on...someone's here

OH MY GOD...who does Seth think he is, just barging in my room like that. I mean, Summer hardly had anything on.
Seth wanted to know if i wanted to see Ryan in jail. I turned it down. I have my own stuff to deal with. I mean, Luke's not speaking to me as is. It's just not a good idea for me to get involved with Ryan in anyway right now.
*sighs* but he's so cute.
Why can't Ryan be an ass hole. Instead, he has to be this incredibly hot, brooding bad boy.
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2003|04:27 pm]
Marissa Cooper
[mood |restlessrestless]

I can't believe what Seth and Ryan are doing.

Ok, here's what happened.
I was on my way to Sum's for her birthday.
I saw Ryan waiting in the Cohens' driveway. I was really happy to see him. I mean, after he helped me out when i was drunk...
Anyway, after i thanked him, Seth came out. He was carrying a skateboard, and the guy had on a turtleneck, in August! Wierd.
anyway, i asked them what they were up to. of course they denyed beeing up to anything.

I ended up driving them to ... where ever they were hgoing. I wasn't going to, but they were pathetic. I mean, Seth with a skateboard!
They wouldn't tell me where they were going, and i was kinda getting nervous. And besides, i had a party to attend.
We ended up going to this haunted house. Ok Ok, i don't know if the house was really haunted, but it could've been. I mean, it was dark, and scary.
Apparently, Ryan was going to stay there so he didn't have to go away. I'm kinda glad. I don't want Ryan to go. I mean, we're friends, and i'm going out with Luke. I love Luke.
I feel so bad for Ryan. I mean, his mom just left him, no note, nothing.
I told him that i would come by tomorrow, and we all made a pact to keep this quiet. I don't think that Seth trusts me.

The next day, we almost got caught.
Ryan, Seth and I were going to grab some grub. Unfortunately, Luke and our friends wer there. Luke tried to start a fight Ryan managed to get away, but the manager called the cops. Apparently, people are looking for Ryan.

I was right. My dad's in trouble. Dad owes a hundred thousand dollars. Kirsten's going to pay the money for him.
I just don't understand. Dad and i talk about everything. I guess you really don't know someone.
To make matters worse, the contractors start tomorrow. That means ryan has to leave. I don't want him to. What if i never seehim again.


I just got home. I went to see Ryan. I think that was a mistake. I was hanging out at Holly's. She was having a party as usual. Luke and the others started making cracks at Ryan. I don't know...something inside of me just snapped. I mean, they don't know him! How could they do that!
Anyway, i left to see him.
He said that he had to go, that we were from two diferent worlds. I don't want him to leave. he's my friend.
After i left, i figured out that Luke had followed me because he got in a fight with Ryan. I'm not sure what happened except that there was a fire. The Model Home is burned beyond repair and Ryan and Luke are in Jail.

It's my fault! I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
Well, going to bed
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2003|06:07 pm]
Marissa Cooper
[mood |energeticenergetic]

Hey, Marissa Cooper here.
Luke and I had a great time last night. We went over to Holly's.
Luke and I have been going out for like ever, and he's still as sweet as ever.

The fassion show is tonight. I am so excited. I can't wait.
The whole community is going to be there. I invited that new kid, but i'm not sure if he'll come. He just seems so uptight, but he is so cute.

I'm kinda worried about my dad. These guys keep comming to the door, like cops, but my dad won't talk to them. He tells me there's nothing to worry about, but I'm not sure. I think he might be in trouble.

Well, anyway, i should probably get ready for the fassion show.
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2003|06:31 pm]
Marissa Cooper
[mood |happyhappy]

Hey, Marissa Cooper here.
I love my life. Everything just seems so perfect. Luke is coming to pick me up, and we're probably going to ride around or check out some parties.
I met this new boy. The Cohens are taking him in, i guess. He's really cute. He told me that he and his brother stole a car, and since his brother had a
gun and drugs on hin, he's in jail. Sandy bailed him out of juvi, I'm guessing. I think he's that cousin from Boston. He said he was, but Sandy said that
he was from Seatle. Hmmmmmmm?
Well, anyway ... I'm going to go. Luke will be here shortly.
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